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Don’t Resent Grealish for Considering International Options

Jack Grealish has been playing for Ireland since the age of 14. Although he was born in Solihull, he qualifies to play in the green by virtue of three Ireland-born grandparents. Currently 19-years-old, he has, to date, represented Ireland from under-15 right through to under-21 level. As he has yet to represent Ireland in a competitive […]

A Response to Martin Samuel of the Daily Mail Regarding Jack Grealish

Martin Samuel of the Daily Mail wants to “abolish the crazy rules that allow Jack Grealish to play for the Republic of Ireland”. Samuel might be the Daily Mail‘s chief sportswriter and, indeed, a “sportswriter of the year“, but I fear he knows not what he’s talking about. His rant over Grealish‘s eligibility to play […]

Equality and Human Rights Law Already Adequately Protects Freedom of Conscience

There is something about compelling private citizens in the running of their private business (even if that business involves the provision of goods and services to members of the public) to do or support something against their will and in contravention of their strongly-held and fully-legal personal beliefs that I find problematic and troubling (no […]