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Another Societal Milestone Passed; What Next for Progressing Ireland?

Last Saturday’s overwhelmingly positive referendum outcome in support of constitutional recognition for same-sex marriage is a great result for progress, equality, liberty, inclusion, rights for everyone and all things good in Ireland. It was a proud and historic moment for Irish society generally and especially for those Irish citizens living in the Republic who had and positively utilised […]

“Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?!”

By virtue of an upcoming referendum set for the 22nd of May, the Republic of Ireland looks set to join a growing list of states worldwide in recognising same-sex marriage. Legal advisors to the state are of the opinion that an amendment to Bunreacht na hÉireann (the Irish constitution) is required to redefine the constitutional conception of marriage, which, up […]

The UK General Election, Electoral Pacts and Sectarian Headcounts

The people have well and truly spoken, the bastards. If there is any consolation to be taken from the fact that the UK faces five more grim years of (now-undiluted) Tory government as a result of David Cameron‘s party having been delivered an overall majority in the House of Commons during the early hours of yesterday morning, one might at least […]