Monthly Archives: October 2015

James and the Giant Poppy

As we enter, once more, into the depressingly-inevitable annual period of more-widespread and focused moral outrage reserved for poppy-refusenik James McClean, it is refreshing to encounter a more considered contribution to the debate from a proponent of the Remembrance symbol, as opposed to the usual abusive, outraged, reactionary and knee-jerk bully-boyism we have come to expect in relation to the […]

Is Irish Rugby Truly the Beacon of Inclusiveness It Is Purported to Be?

“Brothers, sisters, comrades, I am here because I believe you have made a decision with insufficient information and foresight. I am aware of your earlier vote. I am aware that it was unanimous. Nonetheless, I believe we should restore the Springboks. Restore their name, their emblem and their colors, immediately. Let me tell you why. […]

The FAI’s Selection of “Granny Rulers” and Northerners: A Response to Eamonn Sweeney

According to Eamonn Sweeney, writing for the Irish Independent on the 4th of October, “the way [Ireland have] used the “granny rule” is a prime example of sleeveenism, sharp practice and the search for a short-term advantage”. Sweeney makes a number of negative points, with which I take issue, both in relation to the FAI’s utilisation of […]

Jeremy Corbyn and the Relentlessness of the Mainstream British Media

The general public in Britain have learned much about Jeremy Corbyn in recent weeks. The mainstream British media’s spotlight has focussed sharply and intensely on his past, his principles and his future aspirations, both stated and alleged. That very spotlight, however, has also revealed (or perhaps merely confirmed, for the already-cynical amongst us) so much […]