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The Spectator, Jeremy Corbyn and the IRA

The Spectator‘s Alex Massie penned an article last Tuesday entitled: “Jeremy Corbyn should not be allowed to rewrite the history of his support for the IRA”. Corbyn’s association with Sinn Féin – the political wing of the now-decommissioned (Provisional) Irish Republican Army – is a common line of attack used against him by his opponents. Whilst it is true that Corbyn has been happy to meet […]

The Media-Assisted Manufacturing of “Corbyn’s Anti-Semitism Crisis”

When I first heard British Labour Party MP Ken Livingstone‘s comments about Jews, Zionism and Adolf Hitler on Vanessa Feltz’ radio show, they instinctively struck me as problematic and offensive. The words of the exchange, which specifically related to remarks a fellow party MP, Naz Shah, had made about Jews and the state of Israel, were as […]