If their suspect conduct over the past number of weeks in the run-up to tomorrow’s Irish general election is anything by which to judge, the mainstream media in Ireland certainly won’t bother probing this, so I suppose I’d better… Last Tuesday, Regina Doherty, a TD for the centre-right governing-coalition party Fine Gael, alleged that she received an anonymous death-threat in the aftermath of […]

Seán Faye of the UK’s Independent has written a piece defending, on free speech grounds, the practice of “no-platforming”. She wrote the article in response to the debate surrounding Peter Tatchell having apparently been “no-platformed” by National Union of Students‘ LGBT representative Fran Cowling. Cowling’s refusal to share a debate platform with Tatchell related to “racism” and “transphobia” allegedly manifested by the latter, a […]

Yesterday’s leading BBC News story (which was also the BBC website’s headline story) reported that two British Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons had, earlier that afternoon, been “scrambled to intercept two Russian [Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack strategic] bombers heading towards UK airspace”. It all sounded rather threatening and unnerving for UK residents. To the casual observer, it might even have […]

In a previous article I’d written – inspired by the debate surrounding the petition to ban Donald Trump from entering the UK – I discussed the nature of free speech and what its genuine protection actually entails. I also made a (somewhat qualified) defence of the protection of “hate speech” and suggested that if governmental […]

Having watched some of the UK parliamentary debate from Westminster Hall that had been scheduled as a result of the public petition to ban Donald Trump from entering the UK, the hypocrisy inherent to the thinking of many who would not object to Trump’s presence in the UK, but who would object to the presence of others, who are […]

Last week, the Belfast City Council discussed and approved the motion to invite the Republic of Ireland football team to Belfast City Hall for a civic reception with the Northern Ireland team to celebrate the simultaneous qualification of the two sides for Euro 2016. Whilst numerous councillors – nationalist, unionist and non-aligned – contributed to the debate, […]

Last Tuesday, the 5th of January, the motion proposed at Belfast City Council to invite the two Irish international-level football teams to a joint civic reception at Belfast City Hall on account of both teams’ qualification for Euro 2016 was upheld. Amendment proposals forwarded by the Ulster Unionist Party and Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) were defeated by […]

Tonight, Belfast City Council will vote to uphold a motion put forward by councillor Declan Boyle of the SDLP (and seconded by Niall Ó Donnghaile of Sinn Féin) to invite the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland football teams to a joint civic reception at Belfast City Hall in celebration of both teams’ qualification for Euro 2016 in France this summer. This […]

The Beltany stone circle is an Irish Neolithic monument situated upon the levelled summit of Tops Hill just south of the Ulster plantation town of Raphoe in fertile east Donegal. It is one of the county’s lesser-known and less-celebrated heritage sites. A rare item of national media coverage was devoted to the stone circle in the […]

Last Wednesday, the 9th of December, I published a piece outlining my thoughts on the UK government and parliament petition that was set up in the hope of encouraging the UK’s home office to impose a future ban upon Donald Trump from entering the UK; I felt the petition to be both illiberal and hypocritical in nature. […]