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James and the Giant Poppy

As we enter, once more, into the depressingly-inevitable annual period of more-widespread and focused moral outrage reserved for poppy-refusenik James McClean, it is refreshing to encounter a more considered contribution to the debate from a proponent of the Remembrance symbol, as opposed to the usual abusive, outraged, reactionary and knee-jerk bully-boyism we have come to expect in relation to the […]

The FAI’s Selection of “Granny Rulers” and Northerners: A Response to Eamonn Sweeney

According to Eamonn Sweeney, writing for the Irish Independent on the 4th of October, “the way [Ireland have] used the “granny rule” is a prime example of sleeveenism, sharp practice and the search for a short-term advantage”. Sweeney makes a number of negative points, with which I take issue, both in relation to the FAI’s utilisation of […]

God Save Our James McClean: A Look into the Curious Context of National Anthem Disengagement

James McClean has scandalised Britain’s right and honourable again. He has fauxtraged Little Englanders on social media and bewildered upstanding Middle England. Aye, this time he opted out of paying reverence to ‘God Save the Queen‘ and the Cross of St. George prior to a pre-season friendly for his club, West Bromwich Albion, in the USA last weekend. Shocking, […]

High Time Media Moved on from Indulging Pseudo-Controversy Surrounding James McClean and “Poppy Issue”

The media don’t half like flogging dead horses. Right on cue, James McClean‘s move to West Bromwich Albion earlier this week prompted talk in the Belfast Telegraph (not for the first time) of his repeated eschewing of the wearing of a political poppy on his various past clubs’ football jerseys around Britain’s celebration of its Remembrance Sunday […]