In light of the dearth of overtly positive sentiment and active political momentum – on the part of Irish parties nationwide who profess republican credentials or who purport to be advocates of Irish re-unification – towards the national aspiration and constitutional imperative of Irish re-unification, four concerned Irish citizens have penned an open letter (that […]

The manager of the Northern Ireland football team, Michael O’Neill, provoked such a considerable degree of justified criticism last week after firing allegations of sectarianism the way of the Football Association in Ireland (FAI) that he offered on Monday last an official pre-prepared statement – under the banner of the Irish Football Association (IFA) – to […]

(Updated below.) On the 4th of March, and co-published an article by Philip Quinn wherein the manager of the Northern Ireland football team, Michael O’Neill, was quoted as having accused the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) of employing a “sectarian” policy in respect of the association’s recruitment and selection of Irish nationals born in […]

The proposed extension of voting rights for Irish presidential elections to all Irish nationals from the north of Ireland (as well as to Irish nationals based abroad) announced by the Taoiseach Enda Kenny last Sunday (the 12th of March) is a very welcome development. It represents a positive step towards subverting the continued political partition of Ireland […]

Muhammad Ali was a fascinating human being. So utterly charismatic, majestic and captivating. In a brilliant New Yorker piece documenting his life, David Remnick asked: What modern athlete, much less one at Ali’s level, has ever talked with such political complexity, ambiguity and engagement? I can’t think of one who came even close. Indeed, modern […]

The Spectator‘s Alex Massie penned an article last Tuesday entitled: “Jeremy Corbyn should not be allowed to rewrite the history of his support for the IRA”. Corbyn’s association with Sinn Féin – the political wing of the now-decommissioned (Provisional) Irish Republican Army – is a common line of attack used against him by his opponents. Whilst it is true that Corbyn has been happy to meet […]

When I first heard British Labour Party MP Ken Livingstone‘s comments about Jews, Zionism and Adolf Hitler on Vanessa Feltz’ radio show, they instinctively struck me as problematic and offensive. The words of the exchange, which specifically related to remarks a fellow party MP, Naz Shah, had made about Jews and the state of Israel, were as […]

For months, Conservative health secretary Jeremy Hunt has been locked in a bitter dispute with the British Medical Association (BMA) over his plan to impose a new contract for NHS junior doctors in England. The BMA is a medical trade union that represents the national body of junior doctors, the overwhelming majority of whom deem the terms […]

My mother is from Connacht; it’s in the west of Ireland, but we from the north generally call that “down south”. My father is from Tyrone, which is north of the Irish border. I myself grew up along the Donegal-Derry stretch of the border, where the Laggan district meets Inishowen. I lived, was schooled and socialised between Derry city and […]

This is a follow-up to a piece I published last Thursday night in relation to the veracity of a “death-threat” allegation that was made by Regina Doherty of Fine Gael in the aftermath of a controversial radio discussion she had had with Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams last Monday. The segment of the conversation that […]